Das Neue Mannheimer Orchester, Die Münchner Hofkapelle 1778–1799

DNMO is proud to present a new recording project focused around the court orchestra in Munich during 1778-1799.

Upon the death of Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria in 1777, Karl Theodor, Elector of the Palatinate, would inherit his title, and his court would subsequently move to Munich. As a generous patron of the arts and sciences, Karl Theodor brought his former Mannheim Court Orchestra with him, where it continued with many of the same personalities, including director Christian Cannabich. It was here where the Elector commissioned Mozart to write his Italian opera seria Idomeneo in 1781. The elector would later establish a German National Theatre to produce German operas, for which many of the former Mannheimers wrote. Although declining somewhat with various budget cuts, the style remained influential to the Viennese Classicists and laid the groundwork for the emerging Romantic movement in the early nineteenth century.

Among interesting works from this school include the Munich opera director, Peter von Winter’s Der Zauberflöte zweiter Theil: Das Labyrinth, oder der Kampf mit den Elementen: a 1798 sequel to Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. Other important Mannheim/Munich featured are the kapellmeister Franz Danzi, and star oboist Ludwig August Lebrun.

This recordings will take place in October 2021 and will be commercially available by March 2022.


Christian Cannabich (1731–1798)
Symphony No. 50 in D minor

Ludwig August Lebrun (1752–1790)
Recitativo & Aria: “Io sento in seno dal duolo ripieno,” with oboe obbligato. Insertion aria for Gaetano Andreozzi’s opera Bajazet, spring 1789 in Firenze.
With soloists Elisabeth Hetherington (soprano), Federico Forla (oboe)

Peter von Winter (1765–1825)
Concertino for Clarinet & Cello in E flat.
With soloists Elia Celegato (clarinet), Madeleine Bouïssou (cello)

Peter von Winter (1765–1825)
Aria (Pamina) “Ach! ich muß allein es tragen” from Der Zauberflöte zweiter Theil: Das Labyrinth, oder der Kampf mit den Elementen (1798) (the sequel to Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte).
With soloist Elisabeth Hetherington (soprano)

Franz Danzi (1763–1826)
Piano Concerto in D major (before 1800).
With soloist, Anders Muskens (fortepiano)

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Oct 12 - 15 2021

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