‘Megamorphosis’ by Neus Kaori – Agathe Duo & Frederike Palmen, Kunstcentrum (Rotterdam Charlois)

Een Kunstcentrum, Kaatsbaan 8, 3082 DP Rotterdam, at 14:00
‘Megamorphosis’ – ‘Tiny-Opera’ by Neus Kaori

Performers: Agathe Duo and Frederike Palmen

Motherhood has been around since the dawn of humanity and it is a natural process. It is common to see pregnant women in our area, or to see women walking down the street with their daughters and sons. There is a lot of art about a mother’s love for her child or vice versa, but… What does it take for a woman to become a mother? How does a woman experience the change from being her mother’s child to becoming the mother of her child?
In this tiny opera, composer N. Kaori Fornós Ohnuma takes us on the wonderful journey of preparing for motherhood. She will share her experience of the process, from the moment of conception to the moment of birth.

Tickets: 7,50e to reserve the ticket, please send an email: Neuskaori@gmail.com


The event is finished.


Dec 11 2021




Kunstcentrum Charlois, Kaatsbaan 8, 3082 DP Rotterdam

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